Safe at Sea与德国经销商签署战略合作伙伴关系

在与ag体育官网商业公司的合作伙伴搜索项目中, Safe at Sea connected with 分销商 of search and rescue systems in 德国. In August 2022 Safe at Sea signed a deal with the distributor of rescue boats, Lava Marine有限公司, 在德国市场分销海上安全管理局的产品.

Safe at Sea is a manufacturer and vendor of light-weight SAR systems, based in Gothenburg ag体育官网. 该公司已经拥有一个全球合作伙伴网络, 分销商, 批发商遍布三大洲30个国家, 与香港的分销商/经销商联络, 法国, 南非, 阿联酋, 波兰, 西班牙, 挪威, 缅甸, 黑山共和国, 西班牙, 爱沙尼亚, 马耳他, 立陶宛, 中国, 以及沙特阿拉伯王国.

我们得到了非常好的,专业的,尤其是个人的帮助. 项目时间得到了尊重, 并且努力在项目框架内交付高质量的产品. 我们达成了经销商协议,这是我们的目标, but also made several new customer contacts which may provide sales opportunities in the future.” 玛丽安·威特博姆,海上安全组织的首席执行官

In 德国 Safe at Sea was selling directly to end-customers, such as the Red Cross. To accelerate sales in 德国 the company wanted to partner up with 分销商 and access their network and sales force. 因此, Safe at Sea contacted Business ag体育官网 to do a classic partner search project to find a partner in 德国.

The project started with Business ag体育官网 identifying and screening 分销商 in 德国. 海上安全组织已经对德国市场进行了分析, 在哪里确定了潜在的最终客户, 并设置了合作伙伴公司的简介. 市场分析证明对这个项目是有益的, as Business ag体育官网 could interview the identified end-customers in 德国 to ask for referrals to German 分销商. In the end this played a crucial role in the company assessment and partner selection for Safe at Sea.

In the second step Business ag体育官网 performed a so-called outreach trial towards a few selected 分销商, 以检验为目的选择认定的公司, 以及 t测试销售说辞和 销售材料. The results and feedback from the outreach trial were then discussed with Safe at Sea and the selection of companies and outreach approach were adjusted accordingly.

随后,ag体育官网商务局开始与已确定的分销商进行联系, 首先通过电话,如果需要的话通过电子邮件. In total Business ag体育官网 arranged four meetings with 分销商 interested in a partnership with Safe at Sea and identified potential future interest from additionally six companies. In total, Business ag体育官网 reached out to 19 companies, with a hit rate of 21per cent. 安排好的会议进行得很顺利, and in the end Safe at Sea decided to sign a distribution agreement with Lava Marine有限公司, 哪一家拥有最多、最好的终端客户推荐.



Identifying potential partners with the best sales network and track record, 并以最好的方式处理这些问题


Business ag体育官网 assisted in identifying and qualifying potential partners to Safe at Sea according to jointly agreed criteria and referrals from the market. Business ag体育官网 also approached the most suitable ones and arranged meetings with potential distributor candidates, which enabled Safe at Sea to choose the best suitable distributor partner for 德国.


The German market for distributor in search and rescue systems was screened and qualified
Several new customer contacts were made, which may provide sales opportunities in the future

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  • The company was founded in 2006 in Gothenburg in close cooperation with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society
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